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      One-stop ODM Solution Provider
      Providing one-stop service for product design, marketing, material purchasing, manufacturing delivery.
      Our Solutions
      - Lower production costs
      - With continuous input and lean management of automated production lines, our production costs are lower than the average level in the industry. 
      - With IMS management system in our whole SMT production lines, we can manage warehouse, material preparation, losses, manufacturing process, maintenance, delivery, quality and so on in an all-round way.
      Stronger Supply Chain Capacity
      Relying on our group company, we have integrated supply chain resources including Crystal Element Factory/TFT Glass/Cover Plate/LCM Module/Camera Module/Fingerprint Module/ FPC/PCB to provide lower component costs and better delivery guarantees.
      Our design team has rich experience in designing for famous mobile phone brands such as Motorola, NEC, Philips, and Toshiba, etc. It can meet the multiaspect and high-standard requirements of international brands in terms of quality, standards and information security.
      Advantages of our R&D Resources